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Boost Revenue Growth of your Sales Team

  • Tailor-made sales seminars that precisely address your challenges.

  • Practice-oriented workshops with group sessions and individual scope for immediate implementation.

  • Consistent sales techniques with which you can sustainably increase your sales.

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Real Life sales experience tailored for professionals

Customized Sales Training & Coaching

From the current status quo analysis to the collaborative conception of learning goals to the execution of sales workshops. Three steps to sustainable sales growth.

Getting to know each other & assessment of challenges

As unique individuals, it's essential that sales seminars cater to our specific needs. That's why we start with an introductory meeting to understand each other better and customize the workshop topics to match our learning goals. By doing so, we bridge gaps and set the stage for a productive and successful seminar.



A. All-day Onsite Workshops


Our face-to-face seminars are highly sought after for a good reason - they provide the best possible experience for all participants. These seminars engage all senses to facilitate communication and learning through visual, written, spoken, and hands-on activities. We intentionally avoid using digital aids to encourage interactivity and keep the experience analog.

Our onsite workshops offer the following features:

  • Our coaches maintain a high level of energy that engages participants.

  • We encourage interactivity and a culture of participation.

  • Group work on the flipchart fosters a sense of teamwork.

  • We incorporate role plays and pitch exercises.

  • We provide documents for attendees to take home.

B. Online Workshops

If you and your colleagues mainly work out of your homeoffice, we recommend online workshops as a great option. Our workshops are designed to be interactive using collaborative tools. To avoid exhaustion, we split the seminars into three 2-hour workshops that progressively build on each other.

Our LIVE online workshops are characterized by the following:

  • No boring lectures, instead high interactivity

  • Split into two-hour workshops

  • Group work on the online whiteboard

  • Role plays and pitch exercises

  • Documents as PDF



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A. On-the-Job Sales Coaching 


Once you've attended a productive seminar, it's vital to put the learnings into practice. Rest assured; we'll be by your side to offer guidance on incorporating the knowledge into your daily operations. Expect valuable tips to help you implement the newfound knowledge effectively.

Revitalizing the learning objectives:

  • help with implementation

  • Individual guidance

  • Follow live examples

  • methods to keep up

B. Online Academy

Our online academy is ideal for larger teams and can also be used as a hybrid seminar in combination with face-to-face training for private groups. We offer a variety of materials, including videos, presentations, text-based background information, and exercises, which can be completed at your own pace. Our content is accessible from anywhere through our website or app.

Our online sales workshops are characterized by the following:

  • Video on the lightboard

  • Presentations with sketches and pictures

  • Assignments and individual work

  • eBooks and documents for download

  • Can be combined with LIVE online sessions.


Activation of Sales Growth Potential For Teams

During our telesales training and sales seminars, we employ various techniques to make learning engaging and effective. These methods include listening, watching, writing, and applying concepts individually and in group settings. Additionally, we incorporate fun activities to keep participants motivated and prevent a performance gap.

Cold calling to reach out to potential new customers



Cold acquisition & cold calling, sales via web meetings and approaching new customers through social selling on social networks.

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Remote selling for account manager



Value-based selling and conversational techniques to close deals faster and more profitably, as well as handling objections.

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Resolve price negotiations & conflicts with customers



Methods for negotiating a price adjustments. Techniques for handling conflicts with clients and colleagues.

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Inside sales – identify and utilize sales opportunities



Recognize and use up and cross-selling potential for back office staff — pro-active outreach to existing clients

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All Seminar Content At A Glance

We customize our sales training courses and focus on the participants' challenges. On the next page, we present the individual topics.


seminar topics


Client Case Studies

Sascha Kronberg has managed sales organizations in Germany and other countries since 2003. He is responsible for planning, setting up, and managing various tasks such as recruitment, sales process planning, training, and sales management. His assignments also included selecting the best location, remuneration, and incentives.

Gys GmbH

Sascha Knipping, Vertriebsleiter Gys GmbH




  • Colleagues in the field need help generating deals when talking to a dealer.
  • The sales process from offer to acceptance was too long
  • Handling objections was often tricky.


  • The focus was on restructuring and training in needs analysis.
  • Instead of just presenting a product and its added value for the customer, the benefit is questioned in the discussion and compared with the customer benefit.
  • Preventing objections from being raised.
  • A catalog of reactions made it easier to deal with individual objections.

Lanes & Planes



  • Sales Representatives (SDRs) struggled to get CFOs and Commercial Managers interested in an intelligent software solution over the phone.
  • It wasn't easy to book appointments for a demo and proposal presentation.
  • Agreed web meetings needed to be more qualified or to prevent no-shows or cancellations.


  • The sales workshop focused on discussion techniques that enabled a dialogue at eye level.
  • Instead of listing the product advantages, possible disadvantages, and consequences for the customer's current situation were argued.
  • The free information gained from the follow-up meeting was the focus.


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Your Advantage, Our Expertise

Our motivation stems from our love for studying human buying behavior and how it affects proactive sales in the B2B industry.


Sascha Kronberg

Sascha began working at BMW during the 1990s. Eventually, he transitioned to an international congress provider, where he established and oversaw sales offices in foreign countries. Later on, Sascha was responsible for managing sales in Germany for a US-based internet company. This role involved managing 120 salespeople across five regional offices in DACH.


Eszter Kolossváry

Eszter has had a sales career that spans Budapest, Ireland, France, and back to Budapest. She is an experienced sales trainer and coach fluent in Hungarian, English, French, and Spanish. She also works as a leadership- and life coach, helping management regain work-life balance.

Helge Brauckhoff

Helge Brauckhoff

After the Navy, Helge went to Mercedes, BMW, and Volkswagen before moving to the IT sector. As area manager in the field, he sold business software and conducted training courses. Since 2017 he has been helping sales teams to implement new methods. Helge specializes in sales motivation and conflict management.

Procedure of our sales workshops

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Frequently Asked Questions

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